Twenty Eleven!

by on January 14th, 2011

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Keeping things rolling in this new year…moving 1/2 the company to New York City in a few weeks which is very exciting!

We had such a blast on tour with Mayhem Fest last summer and made such a huge wave for people reppin’ their cities coast to bloody coast. We plan to have a few upcoming blogs about touring & 2010 highlights in the next couple weeks from everyone in the F Your City crew but until then keep posted on our facebook or twitter because we update those all the time.

We want to thank EVERYONE that made 2010 such a great year for us! Friends, family, fans, partners in crime and haters. Everyone on the Rockstar staff, Mayhem staff, our fellow tour vendors & sponsors, the people that helped us out, the girls that let us crash, the people that gave us tips, the people that told their friends and especially the people that bought our shirts & have the confidence to wear a shirt that says FUCK YOU on it haha you guys ALL rock!

Stay True & keep loving where you’re from!

Oh yeah… and buy a FUCKING shirt.


OKC and Mayhem Fest’s Finale

by on October 27th, 2010

Mikie and Brando drove about 15 mins of our 2 1/2 hr drive from Dallas and pulled over to crash out, haha…luckily I awoke and drove us the rest of the way to make it in time for 9 AM check-in @ The Zoo Amphitheater in Oklahoma City, OK.

We setup with a proper spot at the top of the lawn facing the Main and Side Stage.


It was a really fun last day of the tour, the people in charge of the venue were really cool, there was a Zoo right over the fence and we sold out of FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM OKLAHOMA CITY shirts.

Only down side was the flys…they were especially rude in OKC, weird thing to notice, I know, but it was really bad. Noticed ‘em when we were backstage eating but I got this cool picture as retribution.

There was a catch to this particular show though, by rule of the Right Wing Christian organization that owned the Amphitheatre the artists were NOT allowed to swear and if they did they were fined $2,500 each time.

This of course made the show quite interesting considering the acts…were they going to radio-edit or were they going to pony-up?

Well, Atreyu swore once or twice, Five Finger Death Punch swore maybe three times, Lamb of God swore maybe five times. But then came Rob Zombie…he didn’t spare any expense haha…check out this video to get the full effect.

Rob Zombie -

…the funny part is this video is just one part of Zombie’s 40 min performance, I didn’t actually count, but I’d be willing to bet Rob dished out over $125k after his set.

KoRn (about to start in the shot above) didn’t skimp either but they didn’t make a big deal out of it…they just played their set like normal, probably paid out over $50k in fines though.

One slight let down was there was no big after party like you might expect, a lot of the bands had to pick up other tours or whatever so we just rented a proper Hotel and made our own party. Went to this place called The Drunken Fry, got beers and french fries with tons of crazy dipping sauces and then went across the street and chased it all down with some delicious Lunchbox shots.

A great relaxing end to crazy tour that truly lived up to it’s namesake. Mayhem Fest 2010 was amazing.


NOLA & Dallas

by on August 29th, 2010

We decided to break up the drive to Dallas from East Florida by stopping for a little bit of sight-seeing in New Orleans.

We looked up a legit Cajun place and got there just in time to order some awesome Creole food including shrimp, sausage, craw-fish AND rabbit. By the time we finished eating it was around midnight and we wanted to see a little of the nightlife so we went down to Frenchman Street by direction of the locals who said we didn’t look like douche-bags so we shouldn’t go to Bourbon.

After seeing all the rad bars that the locals frequent (and these cool poets for hire) we decided to get a taste of the debauchery of the legendary Bourbon Street.

This was a Thursday night but you wouldn’t have guessed it. People were all over, drinking in the streets going from bar to bar. There were loads of strip clubs and adult “theatres” along the path. And more pizza than you would expect in the city of Cajun culture. However, even with these potentially stigmatizing elements it still possessed a level of class that most bar districts could never hope to achieve.


The parts of New Orleans that we saw really intrigued us, it was eerie and moody, like the streets had a pulse and personality. After only about 2hrs we had to get back on the road to make it to the next tour stop but we definitely will be back to have a proper night in The Big Easy.

We made it to Dallas just in time for setup and we enjoyed the second to last date on Mayhem and sold out of all but a few Extra Large FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM DALLAS Shirts.


We were so busy we forgot to get any pics of concert go-ers rockin’ our shirts but here’s one of Mikie T and our buddies in Norma Jean.

It was a long day after a long drive but we luckily only had a few hrs up to the last date in Oklahoma City.



by on August 26th, 2010

Getting back into the van after the Tampa party we had to get into our trailer and one of the worst things possible happened:
our key broke off in the lock as we were locking it.

When we awoke the morning after we had to get from Tampa to West Palm Beach and once we get there we had to figure out how the Hell we were gonna get into our trailer to be able to setup.
Fast Forward 3hrs – We pull up to Rocky’s Ace Hardware down the road from the venue tired and hungover…luckily they were awesome and helped us cut the lock off.

Now with that obstacle tackled we rushed to the venue to setup FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM WEST PALM BEACH and FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM MIAMI shirts.

It was a gorgeous day at a beautiful venue.

(Here’s a pic from the main stage before any bands were set up)

We met a ton of cool people who wanted to rep South Florida including Vanilla Ice so we hooked him up with a West Palm shirt.


We packed up a little early so we could get a taste of the famed crystal clear Florida water and wound up at one of the few gems in the US that serves liquor until 5AM and then starts again at 7AM. So basically there’s a 2 hour period where you can go into the diner attached to the bar and eat until they start serving again. Plus this place was no more than 100 ft from one of the coolest beaches of South Florida. We were too beat to have more than a beer but it was nice after a long day in the West Palm summer heat.

We left the bar, walked out under the moonlit sand and passed out on some beach chairs in the ocean breeze.

…we woke up on the sea but after a quick swim we had to hit the road to make it the 19+ hrs to Dallas, Texas by the next day @ 10AM.


Tampa Bay

by on August 20th, 2010

To say the drive from Virginia was LONG would be a slight understatement…I snapped a screenshot on my iPhone that may help illustrate our point.

We rolled up just in time to get setup before it started raining on us…it poured for a while but we kept the shirts dry and we sold almost every last Fuck You We’re From Tampa shirt out there.

Even though we were extremely tired we packed up and went to the after party that Jonathan Davis from Korn was DJ-ing backstage. Our friends who worked for Rockstar were Bartending so we got hooked up with the good stuff (aka J├Ąger). We caught up with the drummer from Korn too and got to make sure he got the shirt we hooked him up with in Pittsburgh.

A strip show and several drinks later we were hanging out with Randy Blythe, the lead singer of Lamb of God and he was telling us and the guys from Norma Jean about his recent movie with Bill Mosley, The Graves.

Second best party of the whole tour and a kickass day!


Virginia is for Lovers

by on August 16th, 2010

Wow! We really liked Virginia a whole lot! First off the venue had one of the baddest hills for long boarding…not too steep not too curvy, it was just right. The thing that made VA shine though, was that the people were super nice and really cool.

Just a sample, our new friend who introduced himself as “Bubba” here gathered $1 from 15 people walking by our booth to be able to buy one of our shirts! He did it pretty quickly too; 15 minutes tops!
Check out the video!

We also got a chance to take a break for once and catch our awesome friends
In This Moment from the side of the stage!

It was so awesome that everyone turned out to support VA, since we skipped the first Virginia date we had double and we still Sold Out of FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM VIRGINIA shirts!


Black & Gold

by on August 12th, 2010

Since our partner/homie/brother Mikie T. ( is from The Burgh we wanted to represent even bigger and badder than normal so we made the Fuck You We’re From Pittsburgh shirts in the city’s colors and we came with enough shirts to clothe a small army of maniacs.

Our setup in the amphitheater was perfect, we had a spot right at the top of the lawn with an excellent view of the main stage and direct access to the second stages.

With our tip jar equipped with “$1 if you HATE the Browns” we were ready to get Pittsburgh to rock it’s city!

Fast Forward to 5:30 with the most shirts we’d had all tour we were sold out and sending all the people toward our website.

We did reserve a few shirts for a few VIPs though…
One was for our buddy Eric from Century Media ( who has been a friend and a stud all tour!

The other shirt was for Ray Luzier (the new and kick-ass drummer for Korn) who is from Pittsburgh. We talked to him at the after party in Tampa and he said he REALLY wanted to wear it on stage that night but someone higher up asked him not to. That obviously would have been the icing on the cake to have Korn sporting our shirt on stage but the day was already spectacular enough; we may have gotten struck by lightning had it gone down.


Detroit Keeps It Real-er!

by on August 9th, 2010

The show in Detroit, Michigan was a hella big one! It was hosted at a really cool venue, the weather was damn nice and the people were rad.

We were posted right next to the second stages so we got to jam out to Shadows Fall, In This Moment, Winds of Plague, Hatebreed and all the other awesome bands that are normally far from us.

We knew it was going to be a good day when we had sold almost 10 shirts and doors hadn’t even opened yet…
Even so Motown exceeded our expectations and sold us out of FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM DETROIT shirts by 5:30!

We even sold the shirts off our backs, check out this killer video.

Consequently we had a chance to catch some of the show and Rob Zombie came right up to us in the Pit.

We wrapped up and headed toward Pittsburgh with good vibes guiding us…


Raleigh, The Beach and The Burgh

by on August 5th, 2010

Day 26
Raleigh, North Carolina was a great time. Beautiful weather, cool venue and rad people but not a lot of ‘em turned out so we didn’t sell as many FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM RALEIGH shirts as usual…regardless we had fun and we were excited to go to the beach the next day.

Day 27
We skipped the first Virginia date because we knew we wouldn’t have enough shirts to accommodate both VA dates so we decided to hold off until the larger show and take the opportunity to enjoy ourselves in the waves and the sand of Virginia Beach.

We partied under the moon all night, literally slept on the beach and awoke to the ocean…we couldn’t ask for a better day/way to skip out on the tour.

Day 28
We took our time to get into Pittsburgh, stayed with Mikie’s parents who made us excellent Eggplant Parmesan and we’re off to Detroit as I post this…



by on August 4th, 2010

…straight drivin’ ALL through the night is how you get from Indiana to Atlanta, Georgia if you gotta be there early for tour check-in & setup.

We were tired, it was hot and hella humid but it didn’t stop us from having a killer day and selling nearly all of our FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM ATLANTA shirts!

We owe that to ATL being full of damn cool people. It was like a party in our booth all day: shots, beers, girls, spraying people with our water gun and wet T shirts!

After the show was over we planned on starting the trek to North Carolina for the next date but these super sweet girls invited us back to their Hi-Rise condo and there we continued the fun.
Check out this bar.

And this view of downtown A-Town.



by on August 4th, 2010

Even though it rained in Indy for most of the day it didn’t stop people from enjoying the fest and repping their city.

We were having a good time and wanted to stay but it is a pretty ridiculous drive from IN to Atlanta. So we packed up before we were sold out however you can absolutely still get your Fuck You We’re From Indianapolis shirt online.



by on August 3rd, 2010

…we heard a rumor as we were rolling into Chicago at about 1:30am that it was gangster like NY and served til 4am so we went down to the Wicker Park area to investigate…

With the help of facebook and some awesome friend suggestions we got to party down a little bit in the second city! Great bars, cool vibes and good drink deals.

We got to the venue the next morning excited to meet a bunch of fun Chi-Town mofos and without fail we absolutely did and we sold out before 7pm. We kindasorta planned on that happening so we left some FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM CHICAGO shirts in stock online so you can go and have one shipped to your door right now.

We topped off the great day by chilling in a sky suite above the stage while Lamb of God let Chicago have it.


The Great Iron City

by on August 2nd, 2010

On our way from Jersey to Chicago we got to roll through the one and only Pittsburgh!

First we picked up a giant order of shirts that Mikie T’s amazing parents let us ship to them for the last leg of the tour.

Once we got into the city proper Mikie took us up to the top of the city for some killer shots.

After that we got to go by the famous Primanti Brothers to crush a sandwich that defied the laws of delicious. Corned beef, provolone, sweet slaw and french fries all stacked into a (s)huge sandwich.

It was just a brief sample but we’re already hooked, we can’t wait to come back with the black & gold Fuck You We’re From Pittsburgh shirts!


What Happens in Jersey Gets Burried in Jersey

by on August 1st, 2010

Day 20 in Holmdel, NJ was pretty awesome!

We were damn close to New York so we had both shirts available. We SOLD OUT of Fuck You We’re From Jersey shirts and we almost sold out of NY shirts.

The rivalry was ripe but all in good humor and that’s what we’re all about – getting everyone rep where they’re from!

To top the day off Julyia, the bad ass metal girl from FUSE, came by to get a Fuck You We’re From New York shirt and we hooked her up since it was one of her last days on the tour.


Boston Brings It!

by on July 29th, 2010

Not sure how to fairly describe Boston without making all the other cities jealous but I’m gonna start off with a few well chosen, solemn & sincere words: Bad Fucking Ass!

The day started off awesome when we fought our way up to the front of the pit for Shadows Fall and gave the lead singer (who’s from Boston) a shirt…he proceeded to hold it up for the crowd, put it on and rock it for the rest of his set.

With Shadows Fall and everyone else wearing the shirts the craze spread and y’all Bostonians bought us out in record time…we had to turn people away at 5:30! Like always though, if you were one of the people that didn’t get a FUCK YOU WE’RE FROM BOSTON shirt go to the website and order one.

The Boston date was special to us for another reason…Avenged Sevenfold was playing their first US show since their original drummer, “The Rev” passed away.

We got all packed up and went straight down to the pit to watch them melt faces!
(Check out some of these shots we got on our iPhones)

Amazing times in your city Boston, now just get your nightlife a little more Manhattan and we can talk about getting an apartment together someday.